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The Owner & Head Chef

A proud South African and Stellenbosch local, at the age of 25 this is his first journey as a restaurant owner, he has received culinary arts training in Cape Town South Africa. “At chef school is where I learnt the technical bits, but home is where I discover the passion and true definition of creating cuisine that brings people together to celebrate our magnificent country, diversity and rich culinary resources. Kraakvars has given me the opportunity to share that with the world ”, Says Chris.

The decision to start a restaurant originates for his quest for freedom in his culinary creativity, driving a concept of world class nutritional traditional cuisine and freshly crafted beverages. He has initiated a farming project on a farm in the winelands district which will be his primary supplier of all fresh produce used at Kraakvars Restaurant, ensuring only the finest produce reaches the limited tables that Kraakvars hosts.”We’re extremely fortunate to have the culinary standards that Stellenbosch has to offer, and we look forward to making our unique ‘crispy fresh’ impact on the food industry.

About Kraakvars

Kraakvars restaurant was Established in December 2018 in the heart of the breathtaking viticultural town of Stellenbosch, in the Western Cape region of South Africa. The word Kraakvars is from the Afrikaans language and directly translates to Crispy Fresh in English, Frai Croustillant in French, fresco croccante in Italian, knusprig frisch, raikas tuore,クリスピーフレッシュ. No matter the language, everyone understands the importance of fresh produce, the enhanced flavor & nutritional benefits thereof. 

We’re ultimately fulfilling our primary focus which is to serve world-class cuisine inspired by meals found right in the heart of our spectacular Southern Africa. Kraakvars celebrates the diversity of South Africa in showcasing traditional food enjoyed in the homes of most South Africans, combined with the youthful modern edge of the Superb team passionately driving Kraakvars to unimaginable heights.

Our Menu

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Here at Kraakvars we're a small team, focused and determined on our quest to craft nutritiously delicious meals and beverages. Nutrition that is not only best buds with your taste buds but just simply great for you. We're very passionate about what you eat, where each and every ingredient comes from, how its grown, produced and ultimately how it all comes together. So... please enjoy our contribution to your traditional South African culinary bliss.

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